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I’m A Dad - And I Breastfeed My Baby | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY

TANIUS, from Florida, is a Seahorse dad who has received an enormous amount of online hate after he posted TikTok videos of him breastfeeding his baby. Tanius had been medically transitioning for six years when he was given the shock of his life during a hospital visit, finding out he was three months pregnant. Tanius told Truly: "Even though I went through the whole transition, I honestly felt that for me having a child was out of the window. So me having a child... I did not see that coming!" Tanius decided to share his story online because he wanted to normalise Seahorse fathers breastfeeding their babies. However, he received a shocking amount of hate from the trolls in response to his videos. Tanius said: "It got a lot of backlash. 'You do not belong on this planet carrying a child', 'Men don't carry babies', 'One day he'll end up dying because I'm pumping too much testosterone into his body'." Despite the negative comments, Tanius remains defiant and will continue to share his story in order to hopefully help other Seahorse fathers around the world. Tanius added: "We are still a man regardless of how society feels about us, utilise the parts you have to carry a child." Follow Tanius:

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