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The French No One Teaches (and idk why?)

ig @damondominique enroll in my official french course join the french fb group: subscribe for more videos like this I’mma help y’all out with that rusty, broken French of yours so that when you start speaking French, the French don’t switch to English before you get out your first “Je..” (it happens). Here's how to improve your French by swapping out a few things you're probably doing as an English speaker + everything else I wish someone would have taught me. ✏️ Topics in this video 1:43 The Lightning Round + How to Spice Up Your French with these quick tips 2:39 While some of us are out here living in a genderless or gender-fluid world, French is still back there making sure you remember what needs to be masculine and what needs to be feminine. Don’t get me started. Basically, learn the gender of the words, because it affects the rest of the language too. 4:03 Learn in context. Learning j’ai dit, doesn’t help much, but learning J’ai dit que, C’est ce que j’ai dit, or Je t’ai déjà dit ça is a lot more effective in conversation. 4:34 You should care about the differing levels of Saying you don’t care. Never knew not caring would be this difficult huh? 5:23 French social skills to get you out of awkward situations 6:18 DO NOT CALL THEM OUT DIRECTLY OR THEY WILL COME FOR YOU AND YOU WON’T KNOW HOW TO RESPOND. 7:31 Reword your sentences with C’est 8:07 The two forms of Would in English and how you’re probably confusing them when you speak in French 10:21 Your French friends will speak better English than you and it’s because French is so formal without even trying to be. 11:18 Adding in extra sounds when they want to. French word order: Instead of “This channel is good.” This channel, it’s good. It’s good, this channel. Beware: the better your French gets, your English will start sounding like this too. 12:11 This is about as advanced it gets in French. These are the French perfect tenses and a lot of times it matches up with English…if you understand how English works. Good luck with this one. 16:25 The End. ✏️ Other videos in this series The Most Bullsh!t Aspects of French (and how to get past them) ✏️ Books I remember using to learn French Easy French Step-By-Step (I used this one in high-school to self-study) - Grammaire Progressive (I used this series for years - they have these books for all levels - and I also don't remember it being this expensive btw) - Vocabulaire Progressive - Avancé (The book I've been using on my IG Story every morning) - ✏️Info instagram: tiktok: business email: camera: lens: mic: #Français #French #LearnFrench

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