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US tot has hilarious way of getting around - rolling everywhere Mission Impossible-style

A mum has shared a hilarious clip showing how her youngest son opted out of crawling and rolled everywhere instead - Mission: Impossible-style. Little Joel Deason, one, started rolling around the house when he was seven- months-old and totally skipped the crawling stage completely. Parents Jennifer and Jarel Deason found Joel's travel method ‘absolutely hilarious’ and joke that he looked like a character from Mission: Impossible. But little Joel occasionally got himself into some sticky situations rolling around the house whilst getting himself from A to B. Mum-of-three Jennifer, from Amite, Louisiana, USA, said: “Once he was rolling somewhere and somehow found a piece of a wooden toy that our dog had chewed on. "He ended up choking on it and he had to go to the hospital. “Everything was fine in the end, but we realised that we now had to child-proof our home even more than it already was!” Jennifer added the Mission: Impossible theme tune to a clip of Joel and upload it to the social media app TikTok for her friends and family to see. The clip quickly amassed over one million views. Joel has since joined his older brothers - six-year-old Judah and three-year-old Jonas - in walking around the house, but he still rolls around occasionally. Jennifer added: “I actually miss his rolling. It was so cute and innovative. All of our friends and family thought it was hilarious.”

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