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200MPH Modified Ford Maverick Is A Beast | RIDICULOUS RIDES

AN award-winning 1971 Ford Maverick has made a name for itself in Ohio due to its turbo speed and perfect blend of classic and modern style. Owned by racing driver Jimmy Shaw, the Ford Maverick, which was originally produced as an economy car, has become a rule-bending ride – putting the 70s car back on the map. Jimmy told Ridiculous Rides: “I found this little car on eBay; I never would have thought it would turn out this way.” To produce his ‘hot rod’, Jimmy hired father-son duo Greening Auto Company to help revolutionise the old school ride into something much cooler. Having owned over 200 cars, Jimmy wanted to create a ‘maverick’ by taking something old and making it his own. Jimmy said: “I got to thinking, I’ve always wanted to run 200 miles an hour so I wondered if this car could do that.” Jimmy’s dreams were made a reality – the top speed is 202.7 miles per hour with 1200 horsepower. The multi-award-winning car has not only won prizes but also impressed both car enthusiasts and the general public. His favourite part about the car is the flair on the fenders as it retains the classic style whilst adding something new and exciting: “It looks so good and not out of place – a simple change.” For Jimmy, the car's individuality has meant it has quickly become one of his favourites. “This car is at the top of my list of all my cars right now, it’s just so different.”
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