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‘I Never Got A Chance To Be A Child,’ Says Woman Who Grew Up In A ‘Traumatic Environment’

Cyndi says her niece, Bonnie, grew up in a “traumatic environment” and that her childhood was filled with bullying, abuse, sex trafficking, and drugs. She claims no one in the family knew what Bonnie was going through until years later. “When she got older and confided in me the horrors that she faced, I felt incredibly guilty and wished that there was some way I could have intervened and taken her out of that mess,” says Cyndi. “I never got a chance to be a child, and I never really got a chance to be a teenager,” says Bonnie, who claims she was pushed into her first marriage at age 15, by her mother, to a man 23 years her senior. Bonnie recently moved in with Cyndi and Cyndi’s daughter, Stephanie, after her second marriage ended. The women claim that after getting clean from a prescription pill addiction several years ago, Bonnie is stuck in what they call a “manic” state and hasn’t been able to handle her painful past in a healthy way. Bonnie claims that she’s never been as “clean” or “healthy” as she is right now. What substance does she admit she’s been taking, claiming it gives her energy and helps her to feel relaxed? This episode, “Traumatic Past and Odd Behavior: Is My Cousin Having a Breakdown?” airs Wednesday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch. WATCH: Women Claim Relative’s Childhood Was Filled With Abuse, Trafficking, And Drugs TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: A family/relationship divided?
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