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The Talk - Evan Ross on 'The United States vs. Billie Holiday'

Evan Ross discusses playing federal agent Sam Williams in "The United States vs. Billie Holiday" and co-star, Andra Day. "You know, when you speak up now, it's easier sometimes to stay quiet and not go against what people are telling you what it's supposed to be. And I think back then, the idea of these tough characters, like Billie Holiday and people like that, that were able to fight against it in their own way, it had to be impossible." Ross adds, "You find the humanity in the fact that he [Williams] had family, and the opportunities don't come like this all the time, and he wanted to win even though it was at the expense of his friend and at the expense of an amazing artist." On making new music with his co-star Andra Day, he adds, "We stayed in touch and during this time [shooting film], I was working on music. She was working on music too...we somehow just started working on this song. It's a really good song...She's forcing me to make sure I put the song out, because she's not heard a lot of my music. She's like you don't put anything out."
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