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Why Racing Your Friends Is A Bad Idea

We have two examples for you that show why spontaneously racing your friends while riding motorcycles on a public road can be a bad idea. In our first story, a guy and his buddy suddenly decided to start racing each other on the way to the gas station when one of their brakes failed, causing his bike to flip over and crash. Fortunately, he was wearing a helmet, but he had no other protective gear. He walked away with some broken bones and seriously bad road rash but he's lucky to walk away at all. In our second video, a pair of friends were on the freeway in NYC when their spontaneous race happened. The rider with the helmet-cam fixated on his friend's taillight and lost control. The bike and the rider went sliding across the road but again, luck was on their side. The rider was able to get right up and retrieve their bike. A good example of wearing the right gear, but using bad riding judgment.
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