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Talk - Bryce Dallas Howard On Co-Star Robert Redford: 'He's Actually The Horse Whisperer'

Bryce Dallas Howard visits to discuss her new movie and tells a moving story about Robert Redford, who plays her father in the film. She shares, "He's an incredible, phenomenal human being, he would walk to work every day... I think it was the second day he was in New Zealand, he rescued a horse. There was a horse on the side of a freeway that we would all take to get to work and we noticed for 24 hours this horse continues to be there... there's no water, there's no hay, the horse looked like it was abused. And Bob saw this, and himself figured it out, went door to door... he got folks in, to come in, and bring the horse out and rescue it, and now he's set up the horse so the horse is taken care of for the rest of its life. So he's like actually the horse whisperer."
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