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Clumsiest porch pirate ever literally gets caught with his pants down!

Home security camera footage captured the moment a bungling porch pirate stole an Amazon package from outside a household in Colorado Springs. Filmed on December 12, the footage shows the suspected thief pull up outside the house on a motorbike before running over to the package and picking it up. Upon his return to the bike, the items on his back gradually fall off as well as his trousers which start to fall down as he rushes to pick up all the items he dropped. Eventually, the bungling thief packs the items back into his bag and makes off with the package. Paul, the homeowner, told Newsflare: "He stole some clothes from Amazon and a gift package with a birthday gift for me and a Xmas gift for my son from my parents. "Initially, I was pretty angry, after watching the video a few times I almost feel sad for the guy, his life is clearly not going very well for him. That said, this kind of behaviour is intolerable, he needs to be caught and dealt with by the authorities. "This is becoming more and more common everywhere at this point. "I have filed a police report. I don't expect them to be able to do anything about it though. I will show the video to the mail carrier and the UPS driver in our area to keep an eye out for this guy."



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