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Voyager 1 PWS Jupiter Encounter audio 1979-03-05

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Voyager 1 Jupiter encounter, we present *all* available plasma wave audio data acquired during the day of closest approach. Beware: This video is almost 4 hours 27 minutes in length and includes many uninteresting stretches of data. The PWS plasma wave instrument on Voyager 1 recorded these signals as the spacecraft made its closest approach to Jupiter on March 5, 1979. These are the authentic sounds of Jupiter in contrast to the multitude of artistic interpretations and "therapeutic" mixes found on YouTube that may be based on PWS data, but have been highly manipulated and sound very little like the original signals. The audio presented here is not shifted in frequency and not filtered or mixed with music. The PWS wideband waveform instruments on the two Voyager spacecraft sample the electric field on the dipole wire antenna at a rate of 28800 4-bit samples per second, using an automatic gain control. Consequently, the audio is just slightly better than telephone quality. Packets of 1600 samples are acquired, separated by the equivalent of 128 missing samples. Running these packets together results in the playback taking less than real-time (by a factor of 1600 / 1728), and also introduces a slight audible flutter. The amplitudes at the edges of these packets have been smoothed to reduce this flutter, but this is the only modification to the signal. The video shows a series of 48-second-wide spectrograms with an animated cursor that shows the time of the audio track. The amplitude of the signals is color coded with dark blue for the weakest and red for the strongest signals. Low frequencies are at the bottom of the plot and high frequencies are at the top. Time ranges from left to right. For more information on the Voyager project, see For more information on the Voyager plasma wave investigations, see For more information on space audio, see For more videos related to space audio, see my YouTube channel Please note the disclaimers under "About Space Audio" on my YouTube channel. This is not a presentation of scientific findings and I am not representing any organization.



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