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Great Dane puppy adorably uses stuffed bunny as soother

Raven is a big puppy with a big dog attitude. But when it's time for bed, she's a big baby. Raven has a big collection of stuffed toys and things to chew on. But here favourite has always been this stuffed bunny. It's one of the few toys that has not been ripped apart. She adores her bunny and carries it to bed with her each night. Raven's routine involves jumping up on the bed with her stuffy in her mouth and turning around 6-8 times as many dogs do. Then she settles down and chews gently or sucks on the bunny like it is a pacifier. She often falls asleep with her mouth on the toy. What makes this even more adorable is the huge, floppy lips that envelop the stuffed bunny almost completely. Raven wakes up in the morning and carries the bunny with her to her dish where she waits for breakfast. She leaves her bunny on the floor after breakfast but always goes looking for it when it is nap or bed time. Great Danes are a magnificent animal and the breed is fiercely loyal. Anyone who has ever owned one has fallen in love with these great beasts.
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