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Japanese Mom Shows How To Make Homemade Spam Onigiri

Spam Onigiri (Spam Musubi) can be gobbled up immediately or wrapped up and saved for a yummy snack later in the day. This easy recipe is ideal for busy families and students, or a nice, lazy sunday morning with a cup of hot green tea. If you are sensitive to salt, you can adjust it by cutting spam thinly or reducing salt when making rice ball. For seafood sensitive stomachs, omit the dried sardines, bonito flakes, and eel sauce, and substitute with 1 Tbsp of Rice Vinegar and 1 Tbsp of Sugar (or to taste) to mix into the rice. ============================================================= ❥ please subscribe our channel : ❥ Instagram : ============================================================= ★ Ingredients for 3 nigiris ・¾ cup of Rice (short-grain) ・¾ cup of Water ・½ can of Spam* ・¼ Green Onion, minced ・⅛ cup of Dried Young Sardines** ・½ pack of Dried Bonito ・1 Tbsp of Soy Sauce ・1 Tbsp of Salt ・½ sheet of Nori (Dried Seaweed) ・1 tsp of Unagi Tare (Barbecue Eel Sauce) ★ Cooking Recipe 1.) Wash rice. Add 4/3 (+a little more cup of water-depend on rice condition, new or old -new rice, less water, old rice, more water) and cook with rice cooker 2.) Cut spam to six pieces. Use three pieces for this time. Wrap the rest tightly and store it in the freezer for next time. 3.) Chop green onion. Use half of green onion, save the rest for miso soup or something next morning. 4.) Put the pan on the fire. When the pan get warm, put spams. Make the fire medium heat. Cook spam until the surface is light browned and crispy. Spam get burnt easily, so turn them over couple of times while cooking. 5.) When rice’s ready, add Dried Bonito, Green Onion, Chirimen Jako. ( Chirimen Jako is optional. it’s a great natural calcium supplement! ) Put some soy sauce and mix it. 6.) Make three rice balls in Tawara Shape Make the top slightly dented and drop some Unagi No Tare 7.) Cut Nori to three pieces. 8.) Place cooked spam on the rice ball and wrap Nori around. ★ Cooking tips *Cook spam until the surface is lightly browned and crispy. It can burn easily, so turn them a couple times when cooking. *The dried young sardines are optional. It’s a great natural calcium supplement! *If you are sensitive to salt, you can adjust it by cutting spam thinly or reducing salt when making rice ball.



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