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Majestic giraffes casually stroll down the path

These beautiful animals were just out enjoying the sunshine. These lucky motorists were in complete they watched two of the tallest terrestrial animals casually strolled down the road toward them. Capturing the moment on video and in photographs, the tourists were amazed by how unconcerned they were with the humans being present. Giraffes feed on leaves, fruits and flowers, with the ability to reach food that other herbivores cannot. Lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs all prey on giraffes, when they can, but a full grown giraffe is a formidable animal. They can swing their head like a club and their powerful legs enable them to deliver deadly hoof strikes. The long neck of the giraffe allows it to see predators a long way off. Other species rely on this, using the giraffe like a sentinel to warn of approaching danger. Herds of other animals will often follow the giraffe and keep a close eye on their behaviour, for safety. Male giraffes closely follow the females during mating seasons, but they do not take an active role in the care of the young. A male will taste the urine of the female to determine her fertility state. After breeding, the female will carry the baby for 400-460m days before she gives birth. She does so standing up and the calf will fall to the ground, severing the umbilical cord. A newborn will be able to walk and run within hours and is as mobile as a one week old calf. During the first 2-3 weeks of their life, the calf will remain hidden while the mother grazes and keeps a watchful eye out for danger. If all goes well, the calf will live up to 38 years. Giraffes are perhaps the most majestic, and one of the most beautiful animals on earth.
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