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Marvel Snap: A Noob's View - Grind & Collect

Hey Everybody, thanks for watching. Today we are going to look at Marvel Snap a game that came out in October 2022. I only started playing this game earlier this week. I am for the most parts a F2P, I did spend $3.99 on some credits. But now also $27.99 in order to walk through what happens when I upgrade stuff. For the most parts grinding in this game at the beginning is pretty easy, however, once cards start costing 200+ credits and you get a tonne of upgrade options, it starts becoming a little tedious. I am not quite sure if there's a strategy around that, but please feel free to advise me but also others. It's not a bad game to play and the sites that come out does keep things a little interesting to try to balance out the meta. The main problem with card type games like this (clash royale, Magic: the gathering) is that once someone finds a meta working Everyone jumps on board and the games get really boring. I for one really enjoy creating new combos and stuff so always thinking differently. What's your favourite non-meta deck. Is my strategy good? What's a good ratio of 1, 2, 3...5,6 drop? (know it depends on the deck type) Let me know what you think.

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