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"Babies Walking For The First Time | Cute Baby Compilation"

"This compilation of babies walking for the time is exactly what I look like as I try to navigate the first month of the New Year. Seriously! Someone tell me why it feels like January 74th!!! nnBaby :17 is me at the beginning of the New Year... super excited and ready to take on any new challenges. Baby :28 is me celebrating or "doing a little dance" after successfully surviving the first week of adulating in January... and then sitting down because I AM ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED. nnCUT TO THE NEXT WEEKEND! Baby :57 shows exactly what happens after surviving the second week of the LONGEST month… YOU GOU OUT! Baby :57 is basically me that night... my friends trying their best to keep me on my feet as I drunkenly stumble between the two of them. nnThe next two weeks is a blur of falls… all of the falls. I’m talking falls like Baby :38 through Baby 2:56 nnThen there is Baby 2:57 – which is basically me heading into February… stylish, happy and getting in more steps before the inevitable stumble (a lot like Baby :17)."



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