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From prisoner to playful puppy, Olive is loving her new home

Olive is a shar pei pup with a beautiful disposition and a loving heart. But it's surprising that she is so trusting and so loving, considering where she came from. Bought at a young age and kept in a crate most of the day, she was not given exercise or the opportunity to play. She lived in a small wire prison, being allowed out only to use the bathroom on a piece of astroturf that was kept on the balcony of the apartment where she was being kept. Olive barely knew the joy of feeling the sunshine on her face, and she had never run freely in the grass or chased another dog. Olive's owners bought her to breed and sell the puppies. She developed an eye condition that would require minimal veterinary care, but this affected her profitability and made her a liability for her owners. They put her up for adoption on Facebook, asking for $20. They were eager to see her gone so that they could get another puppy to fill Olive's crate. This is the world of puppy mills. Inexperienced and unqualified breeders keep dogs in inhumane conditions, selling puppies with little thought about health or happiness of the dogs. Even the prospective owners are victims because the dogs come with frequent and costly health issues. Jennifer and Jim, the owners of Black Dog Farm and Rescue have seen cases like this more times than they should. They were alerted to Olive's plight and they scooped her up before she could be bought by an equally uncaring owner. Pets sold cheaply on internet marketplaces can suffer terrible fates. Many end up in dog fighting rings or illegal breeding centres. Many are bought by people who are not committed to caring for them and they end up forgotten and neglected. Olive had never really known the joy of playing like a puppy. Here, she is seen with Faline, Black Dog Farm's first dog. She was brought into the family before they began rescuing animals. She inspired them to do more for dogs who needed help. She is the matriarch, mentor, and welcoming committee for this beautiful sanctuary. Faline loves all animals and she does her best to reassure newcomers that their troubles are truly behind them. Olive can't contain herself as she rolls around in a delightfully uncoordinated way, trying to learn the games that Faline has to teach. Black Dog Farm and Rescue seeks the perfect forever homes for all of their rescues and they carefully match animals to loving forever homes. Or else the animals simply don't leave. The most needy and comples cases will often find their forever homes here, in this little piece of heaven. They opened their sanctuary in Texas and began doing what seemed impossible. They heal the broken animals and care for the most desperate cases, giving them the chance that they deserve. Black Dog Farm can be found on Facebook. They do amazing work, which is only possible with the support of friends, family and other animal lovers. Please check out their page and consider helping them do the work that these little creatures so richly deserve.
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