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Golden Retriever does a flawless bunny imitation after snow storm

Riley is a 1 year old golden retriever who is still very much a puppy at heart. She loves to play more than anything and although swimming is her favourite activity, playing in deep snow seems to be a close second. She was delighted to find herself in the deep drifts near her house after a tremendous snowfall. Canada was hit recently by a snowstorm that dropped more snow in a short period of time than they had seen on decades. And dogs like Riley were thrilled! She seems to be imagining herself as a bunny as she hops repeatedly through the fluffy white stuff. Golden retrievers are known for their happy-go-lucky personalities and their love for everyone they meet. They might just be the most loveable dog breed on the planet. Riley is no exception as everyone she meets falls in love with her. Riley has a love for her stuffed animals and balls and she is happiest at playtime. She also loves to hike and explore, sticking her nose into every nook and cranny that offers an unusual smell. Often called nosy, Riley needs to be involved with everything going on around her. Riley's owners take great delight in watching Riley displaying such joy. It warms the heart to see such a happy dog, even on a cold and snowy day such as this one! Riley is a very lucky dog. She began her life at a wonderful breeding facility in Ontario, Canada. As Good As Gold carefully selects their dogs' forever homes, ensuring that the dogs receive all the love and care that they deserve. They provide ongoing training support and advice about everything from nutrition to obtaining proper veterinary care. Animals in shelters desperately need homes and there are many great reasons to find your next dog there, but for those who get their pets from breeders, it is worth the time to research and find a good one.
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