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Our Friend Naz Barragan Launches AAC Mentoring Service

We've featured our friend Naz Barragan a few times [here on *RTM*](, and we love getting updates on his life through his video messages! Naz has cerebral palsy which makes it difficult for him to speak, so he communicates using an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device called Tobii. With his 30 years of AAC experience, Naz recently launched a mentoring service to show younger and new device users the ropes! In return, all he's asking is for people to donate to a non-profit organization of his choosing. We continue to be so inspired by Naz and all he's accomplished, and knowing that he's now able to help others warms our hearts. We're proud to have you in the *RTM* Family, Naz! You can keep up with Naz on [Facebook]( and [Instagram](
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