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Pregnancy Is About Perspective & Dad Sneakily Opens Cookies

If there's one thing anybody who's taken a photo on Instagram knows, angles make all the difference. One of our favorite RTM alums, Jordan Copeland, shows us that if you saw her from the back then everything appears normal. However, when she turns around, you can see she is VERY pregnant! Or should we say, was very pregnant? She recently gave birth to a happy and healthy baby girl. And when you're a parent, sometimes you have to be a little sneaky. Andrew wanted some cookies but didn't want his toddler to know there were any cookies to be had. So what did dad do? Well, he just pretends to sneeze and rips open the cookies bag. And the toddler is none the wiser. Don't worry dad, we won't tell a long as you're willing to share MUAHAHAHA!
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