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Barking mad! Hilarious moment dog jumps for joy at Royal Wedding

By Harriet Whitehead and Iain Watts This hilarious golden retriever just couldn’t contain his excitement at seeing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot at the weekend. Comical video footage shows Scooby Doo, nine, jumping for joy while watching the happy couple leave Windsor Castle in a horse-drawn carriage on Saturday afternoon. The pooch had been glued to the television screen patiently watching the proceedings with his owners, college lecturer Sanny Vernon, 49, and engineer Roger Vernon, 53. Holding his squeaky toy Scooby Doo started barking and leaping up and down as soon as he saw the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the horse and carriage. His owners think the sight of Megan Markle in her beautiful wedding dress, as well as the horses, made him particularly excited. Royal fan Sanny, from Maryland, US, said: “We were watching the royal wedding and he just got up in front of the TV and started jumping up and down with his stuffed toy in his mouth. “He likes pretty women and he likes horses so I think that’s why he got excited. “He will often jump up if he sees dogs on screen or hears barks but I haven’t seen him this excited before. “This one really set him off, I think because of the horses and all the people there. “Scooby Doo is a smart boy so I think he knows what’s going on. He must be a fan of the royals. “He watched the ceremony very patiently and he was very calm whenever there was an emotional moment. “But when they went outside he started jumping. “People have said he’s jumping like the horses as if he’s copied the behaviour of the horse in some way. “I just quickly grabbed my phone and started recording him, I thought it would make a cute video.” The ceremony didn’t evoke the same reaction from the pair’s other pet, Bernese Mountain Dog Dylan, who seemed unfazed by the whole thing. Sanny, who used to live in Crawley, Sussex, said she’s already watched the wedding three times and is planning to watch it again. She said: “We’re really happy for the couple and we're still really excited about the wedding. “My husband is from the UK and we used to live there – I’m a British citizen so it’s really nice to see it. “Prince Harry and Meghan look like they’re really in love. It’s a wonderful thing. “I’ll have to see if Scooby Doo has the same reaction when he watches it again.” Sanny described Scooby Doo as a typical retriever who loves playing ball. The mum of one said: “You can see from the video he will sit holding his toys in his mouth even while he’s barking. “He’s a smart, goofy and funny dog.”
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