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Drainage cameras deployed to prevent future flooding in EBR

Baton Rouge WAFB logo Baton Rouge WAFB 8/17/2022 Kellie Sanchez
Cameras are being put into drains in East Baton Rouge Parish to look for blockages and other issues. © Provided by Baton Rouge WAFB Cameras are being put into drains in East Baton Rouge Parish to look for blockages and other issues.

BATON ROUGE, La. - We know the impact of drainage backlogs on our homes and roads when it rains hard, which is why East Baton Rouge Parish is using American Rescue Plan Act dollars to clean drains and help prevent future flooding.

“We must stop saying that our people are resilient and start building resiliency for them because that’s what they deserve,” chief information officer Mark Armstrong said.

In the last 13 months, 17 million pounds of debris have been removed from drains. Now to keep them clean, the parish is deploying cameras to keep an eye on them.

“This is going behind and using technology to validate that that work is done to validate that storm drains that we’ve cleaned out are in fact cleaned out and they don’t have additional issues like pipe repairs that need to be made, and it’s just really ensuring the integrity and the proper drainage of our system,” Armstrong said.

So-called “dye tests” help the city see where pipes or drains may need to be repaired.

“Whether you’re a working person or a wealthy person, you know this is something that affects all of us, and this will improve the quality of life for every citizen in East Baton Rouge Parish,” says Armstrong.

Officials said this will help keep homes from taking on water.

“Everything that we do in regards to drainage is about reducing the potential of flooding for a structure, whether that’s a home, whether that’s a business that’s our chief concern, you know when the rain really starts coming down, we have these deluge, these showers on steroids, and it’s just too much water all at once that the system can’t handle,” said Armstrong.

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