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Louisiana Cajun Navy rescues people along Carolina coast from Hurricane Florence

WCNC-TV Charlotte logo WCNC-TV Charlotte 9/14/2018 Erika Ferrando

Rescue crews all the way from Louisiana are volunteering in New Bern, N.C. and Wilmington, N.C. as Hurricane Florence moves across the coast.

“For the most part, we just have our normal everyday vehicles that we kind of push to the limit,” said volunteer Jordy Bloodsworth.

Bloodsworth is part of the Louisiana Cajun Navy and spoke with NBC Charlotte over FaceTime from New Bern where the crews spent Friday morning. They’re now in Wilmington.

"I have the resources thankfully to get out here and help, so I can’t not do it,” said Bloodsworth.

He lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and now steps up whenever help is needed.

“I have a pretty good understanding of what these people are going through and how they feel,” said Bloodsworth.

He's with about 20 other Cajun Navy volunteers along North Carolina’s coast.

“I’m thankful my job let me take a few vacation days and told me to come down and help out,” said Bloodsworth.

More crews are still on the way from Louisiana.

"I just worked a 12-hour shift and went home, slept for two hours and now I'm getting on the road,” said Chris Simoneaux who also helped with rescue efforts during Hurricane Harvey. "I grabbed my boat and left.”

Now on a 13-hour drive to meet up with the rest of the Louisiana Cajun Navy, Simoneaux's taking time off work to help more people in need.

“This is by far the best feeling, to watch all these people you go help and get them to safety,” said Simoneaux.


"Just say a prayer for us and everybody here who is going through this that we're trying to help,” said Bloodsworth.

You can follow the Louisiana Cajun Navy’s rescue efforts on their Facebook page.


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