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Shelby Co. EMA monitoring conditions for potential flooding

WBMA Birmingham logo WBMA Birmingham 9/17/2020 Muriel Bailey

Shelby County EMA is closely monitoring all parts of the county for potential flooding.

Shelby CO. EMA supervisor Hub Harvey says the southern part of the county could see the biggest impact of flash flooding including Columbiana, Calera and Montevallo with the possibilty of up to 4 inches of rain.

He says the concern isn’t Lay Lake rising because it’s hydro electric, meaning the water flow can be controlled.

The concern comes because of flash flooding and how that could affect people in the area.

"Our bigger concern is that we will find out that when we get enough rain over a short period of time people are going to have some water in the basements possibly some parts of their house because of water backing up in the creeks, maybe around where the street is if a tree falls over and blocks a ditch that's really where our concerns come from not the water rising form the lake itself but the water trying to get down to the lake," Harvey said.

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Residents along Lay Lake/Coosa River say they're keeping an eye out but they're not too worried.

"The creek will get up out the banks when we get a lot of rain, when we get 2 or 3 inches and the lake we don't never have no flood problems down here, Shelby resident Hubert Sheffield said, "that pier down there the water's been over it one time that i know of in the last 14-15 years."

Harvey says Shelby Co. highway crews are out in trucks loaded with barricades in case they have to block off flooded roads.

"Whenever we're looking at the potential for 3, 4 or more inches of rain over a short period of time, there's always the possibilty for water to be on or over roadways and I want to remind everyone you can't always tell how deep that water is especially if it's flowing water so please turn around don't drown," Harvey said.

Harvey says this is a good time to remind Shelby county residents that you can sign up for weather alerts in your area through the county's EMA website


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