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Equatorial Guinea: Teodoro Obiang sworn in for a sixth term

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Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who holds the world record for time in power for a living head of state excluding monarchs, is sworn in for a sixth, seven-year term. Members of the international community, including the US government, have raised concerns over the legitimacy of the landslide victory of the president's PDGE party which claimed 94.9% of the vote.

Members of the goverment of the central African country, reacted to these doubts.

"The only thing the people can expect from the newly re-elected president is to continue the development of our country in all sectors. What the people hope for, and what I personally hope for, is the sustainability of its action in the education sector, in the health sector, in the economic sector, in all sectors of the country and in infrastructure," said Atalia Ndong, government spokesperson.


"Every country has its own model of democracy. There is no system that governs democracy in absolute terms. In Equatorial Guinea, there is a presidential democracy. A peaceful election. We are pleased that the opposition parties participated and that one of the main candidates in this election came to congratulate us," added Evita Junto, a politician.

In power since 1979, Obiang was re-elected in the Central African oil country which he rules with an iron fist and in the face of a muzzled opposition.

With more than 43 years at the helm, Obiang holds the record for longest-serving head of state outside of a monarchy.


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