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'Doomsday' hailstorm smashes windows in Bavaria

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A strong hailstorm hit parts of southeastern Germany's Bavaria region on Monday evening, injuring several people.

Witnesses caught up in the storm posted videos to social media showing hailstones the size of golf balls pummeling water and thudding on decking around Lake Ammersee, or shredding foliage in some gardens.

Clothing designer Verena Weis, who filmed the following two videos, said she was aboard a boat on the lake when the storm began.

She told Euronews that she was initially on the top deck with other passengers until the captain asked them to move inside.

"It did not rain at all," she said. "The hail came immediately."

"First, everyone was fascinated on board, then worried."

She said the children on board the boat were "a little scared", but most knew they were in no danger.

She added: "Many were worried about their cars."

Several other witnesses described the weather as reaching "doomsday" and "scary" proportions.

A level 4 storm warning - the highest level - was issued by the German Weather Service, which said to look out for heavy thunderstorms, gale-force gusts of wind, and extremely heavy rain and hail.

In the aftermath, photos shared on social media showed some of the damage caused by the large stones.

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Several pictures showed where the stones had smashed or cracked windscreens on vehicles.


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