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Louis Moto Introduces Premium Helmet Sub-Brand Nishua

RideApart logo RideApart 21/06/2022 Enrico Punsalang

Louis Moto Introduces Premium Helmet Sub-Brand Nishua © Louis Moto Introduces Premium Helmet Sub-Brand Nishua

The brand has debuted a total of six new helmets for a variety of riders.

Louis Moto is one of the most popular motorcycle gear and equipment distributors in Europe. The brand finds its roots in Hamburg, Germany, and has more than 80 years of experience in the motorcycle gear business. Apart from distributing some of the leading brands, the company also caters to more budget-focused motorcyclists with a slew of in-house name brands priced for less.

We’re all about affordable gear that does the job with certified protection. After all, not everyone can afford a helmet upwards of $600, especially those just starting out, or those on a tight budget, but with the desire and enthusiasm to go out on two wheels. This is exactly what Nishua, Louis Moto’s newest sub-brand aims to do. Nishua’s product range consists solely of helmets, and it offers premium styling, certified protection, and affordable pricing across its entire model range. The company has gone all out, and debuted a total of six new helmets, all priced south of 500 Euros, or approximately $535 USD.

Nishua Cross Carbon

Nishua Cross Carbon © Nishua Cross Carbon

Let’s kick things off with Nishua’s off-road-focused helmet. The Cross Carbon is an enduro helmet with modern styling that looks ready to race. Perfect for casual riders looking for a robust, stylish, and affordable motocross helmet, the Cross Carbon features an incredibly lightweight construction, tipping the scales at just 1,000 grams. It features a comfy, fully removable lining, as well as vents on the chin, top, and a heat extractor at the back. It retails for just 299.99 Euros, translating to around $321 USD.

Nishua Enduro Carbon

NIshua Enduro Carbon © NIshua Enduro Carbon

Similarly styled to the Cross Carbon, Nishua’s Enduro Carbon focuses on a wider array of applications, and has versatility in mind. It can easily be configured for either adventure, motocross, supermoto, or even street riding, thanks to a variety of visors, a removable peak, and compatibility with goggles, too. As a result, it’s just a tad heavier at 1,150 grams fully equipped. It gets fully removable inner liner, and a carbon shell with a double D-ring closure. Price is set also at 299.99 Euros, or the equivalent of $321 USD.

Nishua Jet 2


Moving on to more practical helmets, the Nishua Jet 2 is the brand’s interpretation of a street-focused, retro-style helmet. Ideal for cruiser or scooter riders for commuting or going on leisurely rides, the Jet 2 is a classic helmet sold without a visor. Nishua recommends it to be paired with goggles, for added comfort and protection. This no-frills helmet features a fully removable inner liner, double D-ring closure, and a lightweight construction tipping the scales at just 880 grams. It’s the most affordable of the bunch, too, at just 109.99 Euros, or around $118 USD.

Nishua NDX-1

Nishua NDX1 © Nishua NDX1

For touring aficionados, Nishua kicks things off with the NDX-1, a 3/4 helmet with a clear visor and touring-focused styling. Rounding up the helmet's comfort features are a fully removable inner liner, a fiberglass shell with a quick-release closure, and integrated drop-down sun visor. Similar to the other helmets in Nishua’s model range, the NDX-1 is compliant with the ECE 22.05 standard, and retails for just 159.99 Euros.

Nishua NFX-3 Carbon

Nishua NFX3 © Nishua NFX3

For those looking to go the extra mile—both literally and in terms of safety, Nishua’s got you covered with the NFX-3 Carbon. This carbon modular helmet boasts a lightweight construction that’s sure to keep you comfy for hours on the saddle, as well as the convenience and practicality of a modular helmet. It boasts a sportier design, making it suitable for sport-tourers and naked bikes, as well as a fully removable liner, adequate ventilation, and compliance to the ECE 22.05 standard. Pricing is at 329.99 Euros, making out to around $353 USD.

Nishua NRX-2 Carbon


Last but not least, Nishua hasn’t forgotten about the sporty riders with the NRX-2 Carbon. This race-style helmet is the brand’s top-of-the-line model, featuring a full carbon-fiber shell, adequate ventilation, excellent aero, and a lightweight construction at just 1,250 grams. It boasts unmistakable supersport aesthetics, making it look perfect for today’s crop of liter-class supersports. Just like all other helmets on this list, the NRX-2 Carbon gets fully removable liners, and complies with ECE 22.05 standards. An added safety feature is the helmet’s emergency strap system, allowing for quick removal in case of an accident. It retails for 329.99 Euros,or around $353 USD.

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