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Cancer kills about 10,000 Nigerians each and every single month!

The Punch logo The Punch 24/03/2023

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is an inter-governmental body of the World Health Organization (WHO), a total of 78,889Nigerians died of cancer1 in the Year 2020!

Meanwhile, as high as that number was (78,889 Nigerians), the real figure was likely much more higher considering that the quoted figure by the IARC was based on estimates, and not the actual. An estimate had to be used due to the non-availability of accurate cancer mortality data in the country.

Also, in a similar report from the Global Cancer Observatory (GCO), which is an interactive web-based cancer statistics platform of the WHO, it was projected that the burden of cancer disease will increase by about 50% between year 2020 and2040, worldwide2– Nigeria inclusive. That is, the incidence (occurrence)of and mortality (death) from cancer disease will keep increasing yearly from year 2020 to year 2040,according to the GCO report!

So, using the data above and also the analysis it contains, the number of deaths caused by cancer disease in Nigeria would have increased significantly from the previous 78,889 figure of year 2020 to well over 100,000 by now. And according to same Year 2020 Report of the IARC, it was stated that Nigeria had 124,815 new cases of cancer1 in2020! That figure too would have worsened and significantly increased by now, 2023.

Therefore, considering all the sad statistics and data above, the first question we should be asking is that what can Nigerians (and even non-Nigerians) who already have cancer disease do to increase their chances of surviving this killer disease called cancer? Also, the second question should be what can people who do not have this disease start doing right now to prevent it altogether, and thereby escape this avoidable death?

So, those are the two questions we would be providing some answers to in this publication, and we shall be starting this discussion by revealing the food that cancer cells feed on to generate their much-needed cellular energy, without which they cannot survive nor grow3.

Now it will shock many people to know that the number 1 food of most cancer cells is sugar3. Yes, the very same sugar you are familiar with at home and in your food! Meanwhile, for those who may not know, sugar comes in different types, viz; sucrose, glucose, fructose, etc. But, before we go further, we need to establish the fact that generally sugar can be categorized into two groups. The first group are the good, healthy, natural, unrefined, and unprocessed sugar. The second group are the bad, unhealthy, un-natural, refined, and processed sugar4.

So, the sugar we are referring to here as the number 1 food of most cancer cells are the second group of sugar. The bad, unhealthy, un-natural, refined, and processed sugar. And that is the group of sugar we shall be focusing on going forward.

By nature and also by molecular design, sugar is not usually found free in nature and neither is it usually found in an unbounded state. That is, in its natural state, the sugar (glucose, sucrose, fructose) contained in the food we consume come bounded with; enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibres, nutrients, etc. And it is this bounded sugar that is the good and healthy sugar5. Please, take note of that.

The bad, unhealthy, and refined sugar usually found in processed food and drinks have been stripped of all enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibres and nutrients! So, all that is left is free and unbounded sugar. This refined and processed form of sugar is a very dangerous substance for anyone to be consuming! That is the bad sugar5.

Therefore, this group of bad and unhealthy sugar should be avoided like plague, by those who already have cancer disease and by those who want to prevent this disease called cancer. During digestion, when this group of bad and unhealthy sugar get into the digestive system, they are immediately made available in abundance and in excess to the body cells, through the blood stream4. The body cells in question include both the normal healthy cells and the deadly cancer cells. So, with the presence of abundant and excess food (sugar) supply to the body cells, the cancer cells therefore begin to grow fast and big – to the detriment of the cancer patient6!

But, for the good and healthy sugar, that is not the case. For this group of “good sugar”, they are well bonded and bounded to; enzymes, minerals, fibres, vitamins, etc5. Therefore, during digestion, they are not immediately available in abundance and in excess supply to the body cells (like the bad and unhealthy sugar are). Instead, they are usually made available to the body cells in a slow and regulated manner4.Note, the rate at which sugar is released to the blood stream, during digestion, is usually referred to as the glycemic index.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. When the available supply of sugar is low, controlled, and regulated, this leads to a serious competition between the normal healthy cells and the deadly cancer cells – for available sugar, which is limited in quantity at any given time due to the low supply and controlled release3,6. At this point too, another interesting thing begin to happen. And that is, whenever there is competition for limited supply of sugar in the body, between normal healthy cells and deadly cancer cells, the normal healthy cells will always win while the deadly cancer cells are left to starve3,6! The detailed pathology behind this interesting and beneficial mechanism is beyond the scope of this publication, so we would not delve into it here.

Meanwhile, in the case of the bad and unhealthy group of sugar, there is no such competition between the normal healthy cells and the deadly cancer cells, simply because there is excess supply of sugar to all the cells, in abundance. That is, there is no shortage in supply, so rationing or competition is not necessary nor required3,6. In this case, unfortunately, the cancer cells therefore begin to feed fat and grow big in a way that they will become more aggressive and more deadly to their hosts – the cancer patients3!

Going by the above facts, it should therefore be a no brainer that cancer patients who really want to survive this deadly disease must as a matter of urgency and importance stop consuming all types of bad sugar. These are the sugar usually found in; processed food, processed drinks, refined sugar, table sugar, etc.5! That is, cancer patients must begin to avoid; fast food, can drinks, bottled drinks, ice cream, pasta, white flour, refined sugar, etc. All must be stopped with effect immediately5!

By so doing, cancer patients can begin to starve the cancer cells in their body to death3! And this will in no small measure increase the chances of such patients surviving their cancer disease while also increasing the effectiveness of the current treatment they may be taking for the disease6. And for those who want to prevent cancer disease too, you need to also stop consuming this group of bad and unhealthy sugar with effect immediately5. That is, processed food, processed drinks, refined sugar, etc. should be reduced or eliminated completely.

For the sake of clarity and emphasis, please note that the other group of sugar which are good and healthy can and should be consumed freely by everyone. Cancer or no cancer. These are food like; yam, local (unprocessed) rice, ofada rice, garri, beans, fruits, vegetables, etc5.That is, locally grown and naturally stored/ preserved food items, without any form of processing whatsoever should be consumed freely by all.

As we conclude this publication, we strongly believe the information and medical research based knowledge we just shared with you will definitely help those that already have cancer disease in their battle to survive the disease. And so also will it help those who want to prevent this killer disease altogether.

Meanwhile, there are some other specific things people need to know in order to prevent and survive any type of cancer disease. But, everything cannot be covered in this publication.

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For consultation visit Helium Integrative Medicine Centre, at 16 Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


Whatsapp: 07033314183.

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