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How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

YAZA Africa logo YAZA Africa 30/01/2023

We all want to smell beautiful all day, but we often discover that our perfume starts to wear off around lunchtime. This is because you are applying your perfume incorrectly, and yes, as shocking as it may sound, there is a correct and incorrect way to apply perfume.

If you are the type of person who spends the most of their day away from home and dislike taking the bottle with you everywhere you go, use these strategies to help your scent last longer.

Apply Your Scent To Damp Skin.

Damp skin will lock in the aroma and protect your precious clothing from staining. The best time to put on your perfume id just after a shower. Your skin and body are both warm when you get out of the shower, and your skin is also damp, clean, and free of sweat and extra oil, which might dampen the scent.

Your skin has open pores and is naturally moisturized by water. Hydrated skin holds scent. Allow a few moments for the perfume to dry before putting on your clothes. The aroma will wipe off if you dress too quickly.

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Spritz On Your Pulse Spots Directly.

Spritz Don’t Mist.

Spraying perfume from a distance in the air not only wastes a lot of your bottle, but it also doesn't last very long. To prolong the life of the perfume, spritz it immediately on your skin.

Try Not To Rub Your Wrists Together.

The top notes will degrade and disappear more quickly if you rub your wrists together, shortening the duration of your fragrance. Try tapping your wrists together instead of rubbing them together to blend two fragrances together or to remove some of the juice. If you want to deposit some smell without affecting its longevity, you can dab your wrist up your arm, onto your neck, or wherever else.

Apply A Little Vaseline On Your Skin To Prepare.

Before spraying your perfume, dab some Vaseline on your pulse point. The petroleum jelly's ointment aids in preserving the aroma. To seal in the aroma and make it last longer, you can also layer on top of a moisturizer. 

Layering scented body lotion or oil under your perfume helps intensify the fragrance and keep your skin moisturized, which naturally extends the longevity of both scents. For this same reason, some firms will even sell a body oil and perfume pair, although you can always choose different items with pleasingly complementary aromas.

Select Eau De Parfum.

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