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Pigeon 'dyed pink for gender reveal' found in NYC

BBC News 01/02/2023

A pigeon rescued from a New York City park may have been dyed bright pink for a gender reveal party, a wildlife group says.

The young king pigeon was discovered in Manhattan's Madison Square Park showing signs of malnutrition.

It was rescued and taken to the Wild Bird Fund for treatment.

The non-profit wildlife rehabilitation and education group said it believed the pigeon was dyed deliberately.

In a Twitter thread on Tuesday Wild Bird Fund wrote: "As a domestic bird unable to find food in the wild, fly well or escape predators, this poor kid had it bad enough before being dyed.

"Luckily a kind person rescued him in Madison Square Park, and he's now safely in care."

Replying to one user who asked why someone would do this, the group replied that a "gender reveal is a theory growing in popularity".

Wild Bird Fund went on to add that domestic birds should never be released into the wild.

"It will die of starvation or predation," it warned.

"If you find an all white pigeon (or any odd colour), especially one looking scared and lost, it needs help."

The group says each year it rehabilitates more than 7,500 sick, injured or orphaned animals before releasing them back into New York City.

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