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Apex Legends Player Reports Cheater and Watches Live Ban

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 24/11/2021 Michael Grullon

Apex Legends developers work hard to protect the game from cheaters who plague matches with their cheat software. Cheaters often get caught and banned, but not too often while in a match. For this particular cheater, it happened right in the middle of a competitive match.

Reddit user Cobbo found the cheater while playing an Apex match after they were eliminated by the cheater. The user spectated the cheater after suspecting there was foul play involved, and when they noticed the cheater was in fact up to no good, they reported them in-game. As the Reddit user continued to watch the cheater and their squad progress, the cheater continued to get eliminations using their aim-assist cheat.

However, right at the climax of the match with only a handful of squads left, the cheater was eliminated while healing and looting with their squad. The cheater wasn't shot at or anything either, and that's when the spectator's realized that they got the cheater banned right at the end of the match. Talk about great timing.

Many content creators and players have captured cheaters getting banned and kicked from the game in various Battle Royale's, not just in Apex Legends. But at the final part of the game, as squads are dwindling, it must've felt extremely rewarding for this user to get a cheater banned right before they could win a match. Cheating ruins the fun for everyone, so beware if you try to do so in any game, you never know who's spectating you and will make you pay.


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