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Genshin Impact Sumeru preview shows off new environments

GamePur 24/07/2022 Jesse Lennox
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The latest teaser for the Sumeru region coming to Genshin Impact gives players a glimpse at the new environments we can expect to explore when the new region comes to the game with version 3.0.

The teaser shows off the titular city of Sumeru in a lush rainforest region, with massive trees, rivers, and even glowing mushrooms that overtake the landscape as you get further from civilization. This environment was created to look more smooth and evoke and endless feeling in comparison to the more jagged mountains or high pillars of Inazuma and Liyue.

The other major biome is the desert area, which is beset by massive storms such as tornadoes. The ruins found here have all been worn away by time, sand, and weather. This area will also feature mysterious ruins hovering in the sky, as well as plenty of underground ruins and hidden areas to explore. The only signs of nature will be found near the oases.

While we saw some of the rainforest areas in the first teaser, this was the first look at the desert environment we’ve gotten.

Sumeru is reported to be the largest region in Genshin Impact, and is said to be larger than both Mondstadt and Liyue’s combined area. However, some fans speculate that much of this massive area could be taken up by empty desert without much to do or see.

Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update has become one of the most anticipated updates to the game since launch. In addition to this massive new Sumeru region, this update will also be the first time a new element will be added to the game, called Dendro. While we don’t know when 3.0 will come just yet, signs are pointing to it coming sometime in August.

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