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The Best Last Of Us Season 2 Theories, According To Reddit

CBR 21/03/2023 Jordan Payeur
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Though the first season of The Last of Us recently concluded, viewers are already speculating on what to expect in the upcoming season. Fans of the post-apocalyptic series will likely have to wait a while before the next installment of this series, but that has not stopped them from preparing for the changes coming in Season 2.

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Much of this speculation comes from the storyline in The Last of Us video games, as some Redditors have expressed their opinions and concerns based on what happens in The Last of Us Part II. Redditors have been busy theorizing what's next for The Last of Us in Season 2.

This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us Part II

Season 2 Will Stick With The Games

Though Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin have not revealed much about what's in store for the next season of The Last of Us, many fans predict that Season 2 will closely follow the source material, as the first season did. Redditor CalleighGwyn suggested that the "biggest change would probably be a "Bill and Frank" like episode."

According to CalleighGwyn's theory, HBO will add some backstory and scenes to expand on the characters but not diverge from the video game storylines too much. This is a popular theory among game fans, who think the storyline is great and that HBO shouldn't alter the storyline too significantly.

Season 2 Will Skip The Time Jump

Some fans would like to see show-original storylines that expand on The Last of Us's world in Season 2. The Last of Us: Part II features a time skip by opening with a 19-year-old Ellie, but some Redditors theorized that Season 2 will feature more storylines before the time jump.

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Redditor camelbaksrule said they'd like to see this previously underrepresented portion of the storyline, suggesting Season 2 should "take place over the time skip between part 1 and part 2." They also added that they "think it’s an interesting transition period that serves important purposes for Joel and Ellie’s journey." Druckmann and Mazin haven't suggested anything like this, but they could make any number of changes during the production of the next installment.

A More Thrilling Storyline

Many fans agree that Season 2 will be more thrilling than the first. Though there was plenty of action in Season 1, the source material suggests the story will get far more intense.

Redditor pixieSteak, loves that "Part II is so bold in its storytelling" in the games and would like to see that honored in the next season of the HBO series. This exciting new chapter will also feature some new main characters, who will change the atmosphere, and more Infected.

The Mood Will Change

Season 1 was full of excitement and danger, which was captivating for the audience, but fans were most impressed with Ellie and Joel's relationship. Therefore, many viewers are nervous about how the beloved characters will change in the upcoming seasons.

Redditor Secret_Road420 suggested they want to see a "greater sense of hope in season 2" and "more time with Ellie and Joel." Though the mood of The Last of Us: Part II was more sobering, these fans are theorizing that HBO's The Last of Us will enjoy a few moments of peace before the storyline turns even darker.

The Pace Will Slow

Though the creators have suggested that The Last of Us will stay faithful to the game, some fans think this can be done while also building on the source material. A common belief is that the show won't skip ahead like the games, but some viewers theorize Season 2 could act as an in-between of the two game plots.

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Redditor yotejesus suggested that "season 2 will follow a more chronological order instead of jumping to when Ellie is 19." Though this is only speculation, some viewers are hoping to see more of Ellie's storyline before Part II, and HBO could dedicate a whole season to this time period.

Ellie's Character Will Be Altered

Game of Thrones' star Bella Ramsey once again impressed HBO audiences with her extraordinary portrayal of Ellie. However, based on the source material, many viewers theorize her character will be significantly different from her 14-year-old self.

Redditor Fadedcamo said they think the creators "will absolutely have Ellie go down a similar dark path" but also added that "her death count and combat ability will be a bit smaller" compared to the game version. While Season 2 will likely show another side of Ellie, these fans theorize she won't be quite as dark compared to her game counterpart.

Joel Will Die Quickly

Those familiar with The Last of Us games know that Joel dies shortly after the time jump in Part II. In the games, Joel has one of the darkest deaths, which serves to introduce a key character in the story. There has been a lot of speculation as to when the HBO show will choose to kill off this iconic character.

Though some fans are hoping Joel will stick around for a while, other viewers think he'll have a very short appearance in Season 2. Redditor SweatySpend4 theorized, "Joel is going to die in the first few episodes of Season 2." Despite Joel's popularity in Season 1, these Redditors think the HBO show will choose to rip the Band-Aid off with his death.

Joel In Flashbacks

Pedro Pascal is beloved as Joel, but many fans know - either from the game or spoilers - that he meets a bloody end. However, regardless of when he dies, some viewers are hesitant to believe that it will be the last they'll see of Joel.

Redditor bartowski1976 speculated on "how they are going to handle the flashbacks in this one" and suggested that perhaps the season will have "whole episodes that are just on the flashbacks." Though this character's death seems inevitable, some viewers are theorizing that Joel will continue to have significance through flashbacks.

A Duo-POV Will Be Introduced

The Last of Us: Part II introduces a key character, Abby, and the player works with her point-of-view. Based on this knowledge, some fans think that the HBO show will incorporate both her and Ellie's points of view throughout Season 2 and maybe further seasons.

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There has been a lot of speculation as to how the creators will incorporate Abby's perspective. Redditor number_plate_26 believes a duo-point of view will work best "if the show jumps between the two back and forth." While other fans aren't convinced the show will have a significant shift in perspective, these Redditors have theorized about a duo-POV in the next season.

Season 2 Will Appease The Audience

There is plenty of speculation surrounding The Last of Us Season 2 and how the HBO show will adapt the controversial source material while also appealing to the audience. Many viewers think that if creators try to side-step polarizing storylines, Season 2 will be confusing.

Redditor Ok-Plate9585 said that they're "worried that HBO — being interested in getting views — will push the writers of season 2 to create something that won’t [anger] people like the 2nd game did." Viewers are theorizing that avoiding the controversial storylines from Part II while adapting the material will result in confusing plotlines. Appeasing the audience could mean disaster for the next stage of this adaptation.

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