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'I will never have to sleep with a music compiler to get my music on radio!'

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Every week The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviews a famous person about her or his attitude toward money (hopes and fears, successes and failures, etc.) as part of his “Make Money Mondays, Personal Edition” feature.

This week Ray White (in for Whitfield) interviewed Nomsa Mazwai, General Manager at Soweto Theatre.

Mazwai is the former Head of Communications at the National Stokvel Association of South Africa.

She is responsible for the day-to-day activities at the Soweto Theatre and maintaining world-class standards in customer and client services.

In 2013 Mazwai won “Best African Alternative Music Album” at South African Music Awards.

Mazwai has a Master’s Degree in International Political Economy and Development from Fordham University in New York City.

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Mazwai’s first job was as a waitress at a restaurant called Rapsody’s in Rivonia, where she earned a R250 tip from the very first table she served!

What does Mazwai believe about money and business?

Listen to the interview in the audio below (and scroll down for more quotes from it).

  • I have a very expensive hobby… I invest in this wonderful hobby of mine… I do have another job… I’m the General Manager of Soweto Theatre… I get paid, I have a pension, I have medical aid… — Nomsa Mazwai, Soweto Theatre
  • I will never have to sleep with a music compiler to get my music on radio… Artists literally have to get naked on Instagram in order to get popular… — Nomsa Mazwai, Soweto Theatre
  • Nomsa Mazwai is a young activist, a thinker, a doer… I’m an artist and a creative… I grew up in Soweto… it started in the living room with my sisters playing ‘Jam Alley’… — Nomsa Mazwai, Soweto Theatre

    He [father] forced me – he forced me! - to study all the way to my Master’s! — Nomsa Mazwai, Soweto Theatre

  • Everybody’s chasing the newest thing… where is all that waste going to? — Nomsa Mazwai, Soweto Theatre

  • We’re xenophobic, which is disgusting… We have this warped idea that we’re the best African country… — Nomsa Mazwai, Soweto Theatre

  • Capitalists are greedy people… There’s no fair is fair in business! — Nomsa Mazwai, Soweto Theatre

  • My music is not for today; it’s forever! — Nomsa Mazwai, Soweto Theatre

  • Corruption is everywhere! — Nomsa Mazwai, Soweto Theatre

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