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Taron Egerton thrown from horse during Robin Hood production

Cover Media logo Cover Media 2018-11-20

a man wearing a suit and tie © Provided by Cover Media Taron Egerton was thrown from a horse while learning how to ride for his new movie Robin Hood.

The Kingsman: The Secret Service actor would have preferred to stay off of the horse and left the riding up to his co-star Jamie Foxx, but he was encouraged to face his fears and take riding lessons for his role as the English outlaw.

"I got thrown from a horse in the first month of prepping and Jamie Foxx, who is in the movie with me, that guy is, like, at one with the animal; he rode his own horse in Django Unchained, he's amazing," the Brit told Live with Kelly and Ryan on Monday (19Nov18). "I have a slightly different view of horses. I like to be a long way away from them. They're very beautiful to look at, but, for me, not that much fun to be on top of."

"So, in the first couple of weeks of prepping I just told the horse master, 'I shouldn't be on the horse, I can feel it, it doesn't want me on there'," he continued. "Soon as I got back on the horse, it bolted, and I swear, this is going to sound dramatic, but I thought I was going to die. It was terrifying."

Taron's version of Robin Hood is set for release in theatres later this week (ends23Nov18), but he previously opened up about his hesitance to star in the movie because he was convinced fans wouldn't be ready for another film based on the character.

"I remember the email: 'Are you interested in playing Robin Hood?' And I said, 'No'," he told Total Film magazine last month. "It felt too soon, post the Russell Crowe one (in 2010), which had a mixed reception, but (it) has to be said did very good business."

"Audiences forget quickly...," he added. "We've tried to make a myth feel like something that resonates with an audience that is so thirsty and hungry for high-octane superhero fare. And I really feel we've succeeded."

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