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Huge spider with fluorescent green fangs emerges from hole

This is the creepy moment a huge spider emerges from a hole in the wall. Chris Brown noticed the arachnid's silk webs surrounding the opening in the mortar outside his office in Wiltshire on September 14. The worker poked the hole with a kebab stick to lure out the tube web spider. It scurried out and wrapped its legs around the stick before baring its terrifying fluorescent green fangs. Chris said: "When I was a kid I used to lure spiders out their nests with sticks, I thought I'd try it again and then I found it.'' He said there were about four other spiders inside the hole. Tube web spiders or segestria florentina are the biggest European segestriid spider. It is also called a cellar spider. Britain has seen record numbers of spiders this year following an unusually warm and wet summer which has created a fertile breeding ground for insects spiders like to eat. Residents are now finding more eight-legged creatures in their homes than usual, according to scientists at the University of Gloucester.
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