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Opposition parties say SA is a 'war society'

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PARLIAMENT - Opposition parties say South Africa is beginning to resemble a war zone; reacting to crime statistics, released on Tuesday.

They've blamed bad leadership, a lack of resources and ineffective policing.

"If we look at the Vietnam War, it was a terrible war, 30 000 people were killed in the period of 10 years. In South Africa, just over 20 000 murders are committed a year," said the IFP MP Narend Singh.  

"Somebody suggested to me on a radio show, why don't we introduce capital punishment as a deterrent but for a limited period," he said.

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Mbuyiseni Ndlozi from the EFF said, in a way, we live in a normalised war society.

"All the features of the crime stats indicate that we live in war, and they are related to a central violent masculinity that has been left unchecked," he said.

Reacting to news of crime statistics for 2017, disappointment is the overwhelming feeling. 

Some feel it may be time to consider more drastic punishment for criminals. 

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Others say the answer lies in a more holistic approach. 

"The bigger and more lasting solution is not putting more police into these problems, it is resolving them at a social level by bringing about economic policies that will create sustainable jobs," said Ndlozi.

"That will lead to industrialisation, empower people so that less and less young people are on the streets confronted by the brutality of poverty."

Either way, there’s a consensus that the statistics shouldn't be looked at in isolation from the country's social and economic issues.

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