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Are you an idiot, a tribesman, or a citizen?

The Nation logo The Nation 2019-02-23 Nigeria - The Nation

'When all else fails never allow your will to succeed fail'…this profound message raced through my frustrated mind when circumstances conspired against me a few hours to my radio program on Monday, 18th February 2019. My phone was down…my account was in red…chai!!!…I realized that I needed to make a great sacrifice of trekking to the studio…about two hours journey… I considered that my guest would arrive at the scheduled time and of course, my avid listeners would be anxiously waiting to listen in,

'So what excuse would I give to them if I fail to appear?'…I soliloquized. I chose to swallow my 'wish-power' and put my willpower to work. Oh, how overjoyed I was when I eventually made it to the studio though sweating profusely…I sneaked to the ladies and refreshed myself…na wah oo!!! Hmm…the show turned out so well that I couldn't hold back my excitement as I shared my experience on air to inspire my listeners. My guest went the extra mile of compensating me…what a pleasant surprise! My pledge is to always pour my blood, sweat, and tears into every part of my work, that way, I hope to make a lasting positive impact on the minds of my cherished audience. You might ask, what inspires me to move on against all odds?

Well, it's the drive to fulfill my divine assignment and contribute my quota into building a developed Nigeria. I see my work as a small fragment of nation-building and I'm fully persuaded that the work of nation-building requires a radical commitment! I would say that one of the hardest things about nation-building is to be true to yourself (this is not a popular career in a mercenary society like ours; many people are primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics) and be willing to not go along with the crowd…in short, it's a lonely path…not for the chicken-hearted who can always tell why something won't work but the lion-hearted who boldly confront the giants. The journey is excruciatingly slow and difficult, but highly rewarding.

An exposition on the ten action signals (Frustration, guilt, disappointment….) by Anthony Robbins, the author of 'Awaken the Giants within' comes into play. In his words 'Anytime we feel like we're surrounded by roadblocks in our lives, where we are continuously putting out effort but not receiving rewards, we tend to feel the emotion of frustration…the message of frustration is an exciting signal. It means that your brain believes you could be doing better than you currently are. Frustration is different from disappointment which is the feeling that there's something you want in your life but you'll never get it…the solution is to realize that frustration is your friend, so anytime you feel frustrated, brainstorm new ways to get a new result. You can also get some input from someone who has passed through your path and succeeded.'

So are you frustrated? Then take a cue from Anthony Robbins, this is even a timely counsel for Nigerians, particularly during our elections. Our heroes past have set the stage however we need more living heroes who are ready to continue the fight to victory. 'We all woke up to the rude shock of the news about the rescheduled elections on Saturday, February 16, 2019. Many were frustrated and many more disappointed but we must not expend our energy on caressing the negative emotions rather we must realign our thinking and ask those responsible, logical questions…No matter the condition we must resolve to vote value and not be frustrated.

Great things require great sacrifices, and love is purely sacrificial'…Bobby Udoh (a renowned nation-building evangelist, author and growth mindset enthusiast) speaking on - Vote Love for your Fatherland on Mindscope at Eko89.7fm live studio on Monday, February 18, 2019. He authored the book: Nation-Building: How to build a developed Nigeria (Foreword by Fela Durotoye). His book makes reading compelling. A friend gave it to me as a birthday gift in 2017 and through the years of reading, I built up the muscles of a nation builder. My passion compelled me to give Bobby a call and subsequently invited him to my radio program.

His definition of nation building is uncommon: 'Nation building is essentially the creation of thoughts, expression of words and participation in actions that are focused on the nation rather than self…my definition shifts the focus from the people in government and places responsibility on the citizenry-where the people in government originate from…I make bold to say that primarily it is not the efforts of the government that build a great nation but rather the thoughts, words, and actions of the people.'Bobby's views are not far-fetched; I opine that our leaders are a true reflection of us as people. We must not deny some cultural beliefs which are limiting our progress as people and a nation. Let's purge ourselves of the viruses of African time, nepotism, ostentatious living…

Recently, I watched a video by Austin Okere, founder of Ausso Leadership Academy. He talked about the law of Sovereign advancement. According to him 'The ancient Greeks have a philosophy about the members of a typical society; there are three types of people in a society.

The Idiots; the idiots are those who went to school, they dress well, we consider them as elites but they are self-centered by nature, gluttonous and only out for their pleasure and treasure to the detriment of anybody.

The Tribesmen; these are people that are not comfortable with anything outside their immediate group. Tribesmen are not just ethnic; they can also be religious, class (rich or poor) etc. They are intimidated by people who are different from them.

The Citizens; you are a citizen not necessarily because your mother or your father is from this country. Citizenship is that high ideal of society, the ideal of being mindful of the rights of your neighbor, the ideal of fighting for your rights but also protecting the rights of the smallest minority or most bitter enemy…that is a citizen!

The point is no sovereign can make any significant advancement or national progress where the number of idiots and tribesmen far outnumber its citizens…if we want to see change; we have to start by being citizens of our country'…Austin Okere. The question is: are you an idiot, tribesman or a citizen? Nigeria is in desperate need of citizens.

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