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How to pick your scent using the Zodiac as inspiration

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Perfumes are not just about smelling good. They say a lot about your character and are sentimental.

That’s why most people find it difficult to share perfumes with their friends because they feel that their scents are personal.

Geraldine Augustine-Darwood from perfume brand Gold Series says there’s no science behind why certain people prefer certain smells, but if listening to Zodiac intuition can help with the decision, then she’s all for it.

“The consumer these days is inundated with fragrances, and the choices are endless. Using zodiac insights, you might be able to narrow down the top, middle or base notes that work better with your personality, making the overall decision much easier,” she says.

Cape Town astrologer Nicole L Smith agrees that the scent you choose is a reflection of your personality – if you’re drawn to something fresh with citrus undertones, you’re energetic and easily excited.

“Taking the time to understand what you’re likely to prefer based on your astrological sign will make choosing a scent much easier,” she says.

So, if you want to pick your scent based on your Zodiac sign, this is what you should look for:


If you’re an Aries, then you are probably fierce and independent. So you would want something that will make you stand out as you enter the room because of your strong persona. Spicy scents of cinnamon or nutmeg can keep your fires ablaze.


To unleash your sensuality, something rosy would do. Gold Series Forever Red would suit the Taurus best, with Ylang Ylang and Rose top notes to delight the senses.


Gemini’s are easily adaptable, that’s why a familiar scent like lavender should be considered.


Cancer’s presence spreads out to others. The milky notes of passionflower are the best option because they are a soothing scent to facilitate, drawing others to the sanctuary that is you.


Like most fire signs, a Leo is confident, comfortable in the spotlight and exudes regal authority. Rosemary or citrus should be your best options for amplifying your essential radiance.


Virgos have immaculate style, and to match it, they need something with crisp notes of sweet earthiness and liquorice.


Most Libras are creatives at heart with a magnetic charm. Red clover’s sweet herbal fragrance unlocks pleasure and accentuates beauty.


The detective of the Zodiac prefers something subtle and low. A scent with basil middle notes and Bergamot top notes will never do you wrong.


Because of their adventurous nature, Sagittarius would prefer musky, green aromas.


A Capricorn is ambitious and always strives for success. The woodsy and citrus tones of pine are best to keep you calm and stable.


An Aquarius is usually calm and collected, hence a light zest of a poppy is the best option.


Due to their gentleness and compassion, Pisces’ best scent would be ancient perfumes like frankincense.

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