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It's great to be home! - Amy Pittaway after Wuhan evacuation, Ranch quarantine

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Amy Pittaway is one of the South Africans evacuated from Wuhan in China and then quarantined at The Ranch Resort in Polokwane.

She's finally home back with her family after months of isolation and chats to Kieno Kammies about her experience.

CapeTalk has been following Pittaway's journey since she went into lockdown in Wuhan where she was teaching English.

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With her sense of humour still intact, Pittaway says it's so great finally being back home that it's difficult to put her emotions into words.

It really, really is great but it's a bit weird being a guest in your own home because I haven't been here for so long I don't know what the rules are anymore!

Amy Pittaway, South African evacuated from Wuhan

She describes the evacuation mission that took her from Wuhan to The Ranch in Polokwane.

The aeroplane ride was 14 hours of torture just because I really can't sleep on aeroplanes... but the army on the plane were absolutely fantastic. They made everyone feel so welcome and the SAA crew were amazing... and they kept it going once we got into Polokwane.

Amy Pittaway, South African evacuated from Wuhan

Pittaway says her time in quarantine was like being at a holiday resort.

It was a fantastic experience [in Polokwane]. If you had to go through quarantine, I would say do it that route because it really was that great!

Amy Pittaway, South African evacuated from Wuhan

Listen to the upbeat conversation in the audio below:

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