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NSRI places shark bite kits on SA beaches to prevent excessive bleeding

702 logo 702 2023/01/17

The NSRI has been placing shark bite kits at various beaches along the South African coast in case of an emergency.

An NSRI shark bite kit. Picture: © Provided by 702 An NSRI shark bite kit. Picture:

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The kits have been implemented for quite some time as there have been "quite a few" shark bite incidents, particularly along the Southern coast, says Robertson.

As of right now, 12 kits have been placed in Plettenberg Bay and the team is about to place one on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

These kits are suitable for not only shark bites, but for propeller incidents as well.

The boxes contain equipment needed to stop the bleeding as this is the primary objective of the kits, says Robertson.

The kits are in orange boxes with 'shark bite kit' signage on it, with a combination lock and a phone number.

To use the contents of the box, there is a number that needs to be called, which will put them in contact with the emergency control centre. The control centre will then provide them with the code needed to unlock the box.

The reason for the lock is a preventative measure to ensure that the kits and equipment inside don't get stolen or misused, says Robertson.

The team ensures that the kits are fully stocked and will be replace when necessary.

Our value on life is much higher than the very small cost of the equipment in the box.

Dr Cleeve Robertson, NSRI CEO

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