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Skilled coconut vendor in Playa Del Carmen street impresses Canadian tourists

This coconut vendor spends his day delighting tourists with refreshing coconut water, as well as his skill with a huge machete. He works in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in the heart of the tourist district. On a hot day, the customers line up for refreshing coconut water. Cold, thirst-quenching, and full of electrolytes, chilled coconuts are nutritious and fun to drink. These tourists from Canada are fascinated by the palm trees full of coconuts that line the streets and beaches. Having one split open to drink from is part of the holiday experience that can't be overlooked. In great supply, these tasty treats are even cheap to buy. For 50 pesos, the equivalent of $1, this skilled vendor will hack the top off and even supply a straw. He hacks the husk off until the shell is exposed and he then makes a final cut to provide a small opening to insert the straw. Even better than returning empty bottles to the store for a refund, this vendor will take the empty coconut and scoop out the meat. It is carried in a bag and eaten like a piece of chewy fruit. With precision and skill, this vendor conducts his business without slicing a finger. He sees the wonder and delight on the faces of the Canadians and he smiles happily as he does his work. Of course, a little tip for a performance like this is gratefully accepted, and very appropriate.



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