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Stunning Close Up Footage of Baby Owl Waking Up In Nest

This baby great horned owl has had the luxury of sleeping in while his mother and father were out hunting in the forest nearby. He has napped as the sun slowly rose and lit up the world around him. He stretches and stands up in the nest, high in a pine tree. As if on cue, his mother returned with breakfast very soon after this moment was captured. She brought him a small rabbit that she tore into pieces and fed him. She tried teaching him how to swallow larger chunks but he isn't quite ready for a full meal yet. He's still only able to swallow small chunks. This was the baby's last day in the nest. He ventured out on the branch the following morning and clumsily flapped to the ground. He was able to make his way up onto a low branch where his parents continued to watch over him and feed him. Very soon, his wings will be fully developed and capable of graceful flight. He will be taught by the best instructors as he learns to hunt for his own food. Great horned owls are the second largest of the North American owls but they are the heaviest. They have powerful grip strength and talons that are unmatched. Able to snap the spine of animals much larger than they are, they are formidable predators. They prey on rabbits, squirrels, mice, birds, and even other owls. These owls are the ones we see most frequently in movies and animated productions. They are often referred to as hoot owls. With their large eyes and familiar call, they are the ones that most people envision when they think of owls.
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