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Dog throws epic dinner time temper tantrum

Baggage handler caught stealing

Footage shows an airport baggage handler in Thailand rifling through luggage before stealing a Bluetooth speaker. Abdullah Hayee Mayeh, 27, had been employed by an agency when he was supposed to be loading suitcases onto the flight from Phuket to Singapore on October 10. But security staff at the airport filmed Abdullah unzipping bags and looking inside them. Unaware that he was being filmed, Abdullah continued rearranging the personal items in the cases. Police arrested him shortly after and he admitted stealing a black speaker which he handed back. He was charged with theft and pictured with the item at Saku Police Station where the case is being processed. The video was taken from inside the hold of a JetStar Airways Airbus A320-232 Bay 15 at Phuket International Airport on flight 3K 534 at around 9am local time. JetStar said the man was employed by an agency that provides services for carriers using the airport. Airports Of Thailand (AOT), which carried out the investigation into the man, confirmed that he had been arrested. They said in a statement: ''We have been coordinating this operation with Tourism Police and the concerned parties in the effort to stop such burglary in the aircraft compartment.''

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