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Footage shows abandoned UFO villages where people lived on ‘spaceships’ like something from a sci-fi film

By Josh Saunders 'Out of this world' footage shows the abandoned UFO villages where people lived on 'spaceships' like something out of a sci-fi film. Far from being the homes of otherworldly creatures, these bright yellow flying saucers in the Wanli District of Taiwan were once wacky and popular homes until the 1970s. These 'Futuro' and 'Venturo' houses were designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen as an alternative portable property based on ski-cabin designs. The abnormal abodes were cheap alternatives to housing and typically contained a bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen, six plastic lounge chairs and a fireplace. But as the price of oil soared, the plastic products came crashing back down to earth as they were no longer affordable in the late 1970s and considered eyesores by many countries. Now sites such as this one are derelict, damp and mouldy, but according to urban explorer Bob Thissen, 31, it still holds an impressive 'otherworldly' look. Bob, from Heerlen, Netherlands, said: "It's a unique place, because there are only a few UFO villages around the world, most of them are already demolished. "There are two types of houses, some square type houses and the yellow UFO shaped houses, which I liked most. "The UFOs had a real sci-fi look, only by the interior could you see which period they are from. "One of the UFO houses seemed to be well preserved and gave a good look at what living inside these houses must have been like. "Although the design was from the 60s and 70's, I still had the feeling I was walking in a futuristic village. "The houses are small, but functional and it's a good alternative to get a cheap house, I would have lived there. "It's not known when these UFO houses became abandoned, but probably was because of a nearby redevelopment. "Although the nearby swimming pool also became abandoned recently, maybe they couldn't pay-off some inhabitants and so they can't demolish the whole village. "It's almost unthinkable, but some of the houses are still inhabited." You can follow Bob's work at: or

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