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BREAKING: another group of 50 people stranded on island in Evros/Meriç river

Right now, Greek authorities are putting human live at risk once again. For more than two days, around 50 people have been stranded on an island on the Greek-Turkey land border in Evros/Meriç without shelter, food or drinking water.  The footage sent from the island a few hours ago shows all group members without shoes, most without proper clothing and many of the group members severely injured with bruises and wounds.  We are calling on the Greek authorities to immediately evacuate these people from the island and grant them their right to claim asylum.  We furthermore urge Frontex once again to intervene to the best of their ability and in accordance with its regulation and international law. Human lives cannot be abused as leverage in a political conflict! Both the Greek and Turkish authorities are violating human rights on their borders. These incidents also implicate Frontex, the agency which is supposed to protect fundamental rights on our borders, but ignores these incidents and evades responsibility with ludicrous excuses: (Faces blurred for the safety of the victims with Kinemaster)
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