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Lego Ideas - Daft Punk Concert

Please vote for us! Votez pour nous svp: This is our entry in the "Music to our ears" Lego competition, which started out as a fun father and son project but took on impressive proportions thanks to the family being confined at home. We’ve always been massive Daft Punk fans. I’ve spent my high school years listening to Homework in loop on my Walkman. My son’s favourite song when he was 1 was Get Lucky (actually it was the only song he was willing to listen, although, to keep our sanity and be allowed to listen to other songs in our life, my wife and I eventually managed to extend his appreciation to the whole Daft Punk discography). Soon Digital Love became a regular bedtime lullaby. Now that my son’s 8 he has transferred the passion to his 4-year-old sister and our family is regularly robot rocking around the world. Lego has always been a big part of our lives, so it was just a matter of time before we remixed our 2 passions together. There are quite a few Lego Daft Punk projects on the web but we thought we could take it to the next level, by making it more accurate and simulating the upcoming Lego Night Mode (for which we’re super excited). This is how we’ve done it: my son built a prototype with the Lego bricks we have at home and I expanded the idea digitally: I used Bricklink Studio to assemble it and exported the result to Maya to setup the lights and render with Arnold. There was a lot of back and forth between the digital and the real building. The disco light system inside the pyramid for instance was entirely built with real bricks first. It uses a Lego Power Functions motor to make a box of transparent coloured bricks rotate from the bottom, then we make a pair of Lego Power Functions lights dangle inside the box from the top. Since this worked so well, I just had to replicate this digitally. This 2000 piece set was actually quite fun to build. It looks deceptively simple because it features a lot of big geometric shapes, however it actually was a pretty interesting challenge since rectangular Lego bricks are rarely used for triangular shapes, so we had to find ways to make all those angles click. I hope you like it as much as we enjoyed building it! Robot Rock!
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