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Ringo Starr - Who Needs A Heart

From the Album Bad Boy. This is a good album, no matter what critics said. Ringo was not completely satisfied with the production of RINGO THE FOURTH, so, while he was recording SCOUSE THE MOUSE he started working on a new material. Altough Polydor was still in charge of Ringo's musical production in the UK, Ahmet Ertegun decided to avoid working for Ringo in Atlantic Records (main distributor of Ringo's music throughout the world.). Ertegun recomended Ringo to work with Portrait Records (a CBS subsidiary) Starr had more freedom to take his own decisions on the way the album was recorded, even his old friend Vini Poncia was asked to produce the album. The Songs were recorded in Elite Recording Studios (Nassay, Bahamas) and Can-Base Studios (Vancouver, Canada) During the recording sessions, Ringo composed two jingles- The Simple Life and I Love My Suit- to promote a new line of clothing for the japanese TV. CREDITSl: Ringo Starr: Drums And Vocals Lon Van Eaton "Push A-Lone": First Guitar Jim Webb"Git-ar": Rythm guitar Dee Murray "Diesel": Bass guitar Mac Rebennack: "Dr. John" or "Hamish Bissonette": Sytnhesisers Morris Lane: keyboards Vini Poncia: Chorus and Production Melissa Manchester: Chorus Tom Scott "Tom of the North": Saxhophone Doug Railey and James Newton Howard: Orchestral Strings.





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