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Kid Saves Himself From Shark Attack | Satellite Beach Florida

*WARNING*: this video has been dramatized for the enjoyment of the young surfers involved :) Here is what Tanner's mother had to say about the indecent quoted from the following News 6 Interview: “My heart stopped. It was like a scene from a movie, almost like two submarines coming up and you see the dorsal fins and then the next thing you know it’s like (splashing noise) all over right behind Tanner; you just see the thrashing and the dorsal fins and the tails and the fish scattering and Tanner is just sitting there in the middle of it and you just see him freeze. He (the photographer) got the part where everything was finally a little bit of a relief,” she said. “That’s where the video that you see picks up where Tanner had just gotten out of the bait pod. What was still terrifying though is you could still see in the video one of the sharks was very interested in him and continued to follow him." *** The sharks were sighted during the Gnarly Charley Grom Surf contest in Satellite Beach on September 11 2021. Quick action from the event organizers / parents, but more importantly a cool and calm demeanor by young surfer Tanner B. resulted in a safe departure from the water. Event organizers stopped the contest for 45+ minutes until there were no more signs of bait or sharks in the water. Hats off to Tanner, who also won 1st place in his division! *** Tanner's demeanor was an excellent example of how to handle yourself when interacting with sharks. I (admittedly) did dramatize it a bit to try to make a fun video / lasting memory for Tanner. I hope he likes it and is stoked about his 1st place finish in the contest!***







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