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  • Welcome to Tokaido USA - Official North & South American Licensee ...

    Tokaido Karate, Kata Master Gi, Black - 12oz Japanese Cut. $149.99. Tokaido Pullover Hoodie, Red. $39.99. Tokaido WKF Kumite Master Pro Gi. $129.99. Tokaido ... $119.99. Welcome to the official TOKAIDO Karate Shop Order your karate equipment online. Since 1956, Tokaido has been supplying karatekas in Japan and all over the world with the finest ...

  • Tokaido, The Worldwide Standard, Karate Uniforms, Black belts ...

    Shop now with the pioneer, Worldwide Standard for customized karate uniforms and black belts from Japan. Tokaido Japan.

  • Karate uniform from Japan | Tokyodo International

    Tokyodo International is celebrating 45th anniversary in 2020! Tokyodo International stands at the forefront of the karate world as the long-time leader in karate wear. Established in 1975, Tokyodo International has been supplying the finest, real karate uniform, aikido uniform and other "budo" (martial arts) uniforms.

  • Official Tokaido Karate Shop / Proven quality since 1956 | en Tokaido

    Since 1956, Tokaido has been supplying karatekas in Japan and all over the world with the finest uniforms (karate gi), belts (obi) and protectors for the combat sports. Over the years the brand has gained a lot of popularity and become the world-wide standard for karate gear. Many of the products we offer with our karate shop are WKF approved ...

  • Karate Gi by Tokaido - good quality at fair prices

    At you will find affordable Karate Gi`s for children and karate beginners, inexpensive kimonos for advanced karateka and high-quality Japanese Gi`s for experienced professionals and Grandmasters with high demands. The uniforms approved by the World Karate Federation (WKF) are particularly interesting for international athletes.

  • Karate Gi, TOKAIDO Kata Master, WKF, 12 oz.

    Karate Gi, TOKAIDO Kata Master, WKF, 12 oz., white. The Kata Master karate gi is a high quality premium product developed especially for Kata. The uniform is approved by the WKF and features very short sleeves and trousers. It improves punching- and kicking, due to Ultimate-Sound technology. Details.

  • Tokaido Karate Gi Review - Martialart Kingdom

    This karate gi is perfect for serious practitioners of karate. Durability is immense in this karate gi; this uniform can last years of active use. It can take high utilization without any issue. The stitching on this karate gi is fantastic, so even after massive use, any kind of tearing should not occur. As this is made of 100% cotton, staining ...


    Tokaido Canada offers a wide selection of JKA & WKF approved high-quality Karate-Kata & Kumite uniforms, belts, and accessories.

  • Tokaido - Boutique officielle sur®

    Tokaido Japon a été le tout premier producteur de karate-gi au monde. Avant il n'y avait pas de Karategi, et on pratiquait le karaté avec des vêtements ordinaires ou même des uniformes de judo. Inspiré par la passion, Tokaido reflète une tradition de qualité depuis 1956. Leurs Kimonos de karaté bénéficient de leur grande expérience de pionnier et sont toujours considérés comme la ...

  • Tokaido Karate Gis | UK’s Official Tokaido Supplier | JCK Sports

    From: £ 45.00. KARATE GI, Beginner, 7.5 OZ. WHITE. £ 25.00. KARATE GI, Master Kids, 7.5 OZ. WHITE. £ 20.00. Tokaido Karate suits are an essential piece of kit for any serious martial artist. And getting the right Tokaido gi is essential if you’re looking to perform at your best….

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