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  • 10 Things Driving a Ford Mustang Says About You

    When you drive a Mustang, everyone sees (and hears) you coming. Here’s what driving a Mustang says about you: 1. You like attention. You don’t drive a Mustang to go unnoticed. This is a car for big personalities. Strangers stare, strike up conversations and take pictures. This is not an introvert’s car. 2.

  • Https newspaperworlds com what driving a porsche says about you

    None Given source

  • 10 Things driving a Tesla says about you

    From the fortified body structure to the always-updating powerful technology — in England, Tesla’s automatic braking feature reportedly saved two families’ lives when a tree fell onto the road — this car is built to both withstand crashes and avoid them in the first place. Fart mode is fun, but safety still comes first. 10.

  • Are You Embarrassed To Tell People You Drive A Porsche?

    Yes, I own and drive a Porsche – with no apology (but apparently some excuses). I thought of an unsolicited response such as, “ I’ve been saving for this car since I was 13 ” or “ My other car is a Hyundai Accent ” (as if that mattered). I pronounce Porsche with a lift at the end because that’s the guy’s name and also how it’s ...

  • 10 Things Driving a Corvette Says About You | A flagship sports car.

    Here are 10 things driving a Corvette says about you: 1. It’s not your only car. There are a handful of Corvette drivers who use their Corvettes as their day-to-day primary vehicle. But most owners reserve their ‘Vettes for car shows, weekend driving, or as track cars. Running boring errands only interferes with your plans to keep your car ...

  • What Your Car Says About You - Forbes

    When you see a red convertible sports coupe zooming down the highway, driven by a fiftysomething, balding man with a young blond woman in the passenger seat, two words are likely to pop into your...

  • What kind of person drives a Porsche? - Quora

    Answer (1 of 8): A person who loves the balance of a rear-engined, rear wheel drive sports car. But that was in the 90s. Today, you have a Porsche that covers the gamut of motoring needs, from small SUVs (Macan), premium/luxury saloon (Panamera), supreme balance (Cayman) and the raft of other har...

  • Which Porsche Best Describes You? | Porsche Fremont

    Your idea of a peaceful afternoon is taking a scenic drive to Cupertino to enjoy a glass of your favorite wine from Ridge Vineyards. Your confidence in your strut intertwined with your subtle elegance is the reason you drive a Porsche 911 Carrera. 718 Cayman You’re a free spirit and have a laidback style.

  • This is what your favorite alcoholic drink says about you - New York Post

    Pink gin and lemonade. You are young and have an immature palate, according to James who says people who have this drink of choice are “most likely new to drinking.”. Steph Buttery, drinks ...

  • Official Porsche Website - Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

    Welcome to the official Porsche Website with detailed information about Porsche Models, Pre-owned Cars, Porsche Motorsport, the company, etc.

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